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Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, modern technologies, and their high-qualified staff, the historical company TBKART has performed an excellent job for more than a century. TBKART was founded in 1918 by Mr. Tranquillo Brenna and since then it has constantly implemented and developed its business, working extensively on racing and rental karts.
Besides their successes in National and International competitions and their racing karts production, TBKART has always had a constant and increasing attention on the Rental side of the business; the TBKART International Ranking project was born thanks to that focus and attention to details.

TBKART International Ranking is an exciting project reserved for all National and International kart-tracks that use TBKART rental karts.
The project will allow all affiliates kart-tracks to arrange an extensive series of racing events for their customers.
At the end of any single event, the track will load final results on our new website (
The events will be scheduled over the entire year, based on a calendar selected by kart-tracks that will follow the competition’s rules and regulations. The championships will begin on the 1st of March and it will end on the 20th of September.
These championships will allow any ambitious fan to challenge other participants and to demonstrate their driving abilities beginning from free practices, switching to the qualification round and then to the final battle in the main race.
At the end of the season, the first three drivers of every kart-track standing will earn the right to participate at the TBKART International Ranking Final at Ottobiano South Milano Kart in October 2020.
TBKART has outdone itself, and surprises are not over.
The final winner will have the right to participate at one last, exclusive, and spectacular event.

Soon we will communicate all the details.
…what are you waiting to discover it?!