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TBKART’s commitment to safety is a top priority.

Over the years our TBKART brand has specialized in the development and innovation of various patented projects and accessories for the kart leasing line, with the main objective of increasing safety and comfort for all pilots.

I.S.A.C. SYSTEM Innovative Shock Absorbing System


Our twenty-year experience as direct managers of a renowned kart circuit and the continuous comparison in terms of safety with our customers, allow us to make daily technical improvements and new development projects, making every single change in the field of safety on the basis of current international standards.

These constant and methodical steps allow our products to improve hand in hand with the regulations, at the same time satisfying each single customer’s request, in order to meet their needs with a product made specifically for their country, according to their desire.

I.P.S. Improvement Safety Programme

The protections adopted on our rental models allow all moving parts to be protected and guarantee maximum driving comfort.

All this to ensure a unique and safe experience for every driver who uses our products.


The entire TBKART range of products for rental comes with all the certifications relating to Community safety, while ensuring high standards of safety and the quality of the products.